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If you’re interested in living sustainably, want to ditch toxic products and live a more natural way of life, the first place to start is plants. Plants not only keep the air clean, but a lot also have health and medicinal properties. All of these medicinal plants are simple ones that can be grown at home to improve your health and save you money. When you grow plants at home, you’re working alongside our Earth to create a nicer place to live. As well as that, the satisfaction that you get from growing plants to use in creating your own products,  help with health issues, or  even just to eat straight from the plant for an extra boost in vitamins and minerals, is one that I truly hope everyone gets to experience. 

If there were any plant to just have in your garden or in a pot, it would be Aloe Vera. An incredibly easy going plant that even the most novice of green thumbs can manage to cultivate and grow, as it doesn’t require much TLC. Once this plant is established, you will have an abundant supply of healing goodness right at your backdoor. It is a hardy succulent which makes it extremely easy to re-pot to plant in other places around your home, or to re-pot and give as gifts to family and friends, so that they too can reap the benefits (especially with Summer coming up).

Aloe Vera is more commonly known to help with sunburn due to it’s ability to soothe and cool even the worst of sunburns. However most don’t know that it actually has a plethora of other uses, from its antimicrobial effects in hand sanitizer, to healing gastric ulcers and balancing insulin and cholesterol.

Despite it looking like a dangerous plant due to the number of spikes on it, this plant is actually rather gentle to the touch and once cut open seeps out a slimy, sticky gel. It is best used fresh, you simply slice your Aloe leaf open and scoop out the gel from inside. It can then be stored in the fridge for a few days. As a kid, my parents would always have a few Aloe leaves in the fridge in Summer to help soothe insect bites and of course… Sunburn.

Aloe Vera is a natural antiseptic and promotes the healing of damaged skin, so it works wonders in speeding up the healing process. As Aloe Vera is also moisturizing, when used for healing cuts and mild burns it will generally leave no scar and you’ll find that you’ll notice improvement extremely quickly.

As a Mum of two I’ve also found it really well when it came to the itchiness that a growing belly while pregnant brings. This is because it has the ability to regenerate skin tissues and promotes elasticity and collagen production (both important as your body grows and ages). It is said to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and as a bonus… Takes away the itching.

This incredible succulent is a must for anyone who wants to begin their journey of low tox living and using the power of plants to heal the body.

Written by Maddie Barker

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