Eco Remedy

                                                                          Sustainable, all natural health & home goods store.


Welcome to Eco Remedy, congratulations on choosing to make a difference and recognising that everything we buy has a health, environmental and social impact. 
By shopping our selection of eco-friendly and all natural products, you will help reduce waste and toxic chemicals, and directly contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and your own health. Sustainable shopping is your chance to support what is important to you, and avoid products and services that do not align with your beliefs. 

About Us

Hi, I’m Di and I am the founder of Eco Remedy!

This little enterprise started from very humble beginnings selling all natural, handmade products at the local farmers market. I started this store as I felt a genuine need for people to become more eco-conscious and I also wanted to help people to find ways of becoming more eco-friendly. 

It was whilst studying permaculture, that the idea of this store and blog started to actually move from a vision to a mission. I began by detoxing my own kitchen, bathroom, it eventuated in to the entire home being detoxed. I threw out all the store bought chemical cleaners, and started making my own products. What surprised me was how simple everything was to make, and also how effective it was. I raved to my friends and family, and offered to show them how to make the natural products I was using; they were not interested however in making products, they just wanted to buy them. So I started making products for them, and they loved it. 

I truly have to thank my family and friends for their inspiration. Without them, I am not sure this little baby would not have progressed at all, and as this is only the beginning, we are sourcing products that we think make a difference every day. 

If you are a local producer of sustainable goods, please get in touch with us by clicking the link below!